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How To Sell Your House Quickly For
Top Dollar

     Of course you want to sell your house fast and for top dollar. Who doesn't? But selling your house fast doesn't happen by itself. It requires some work. 

     First of all you must know what the house is worth, and that might not be what you want for it. For that it is good to look for similar homes in the neighborhood that were sold fast and not too long ago. You can ask the realtor to pull comps for you. And, ultimately, you can do the appraisal for your property. Such research will serve you well.
     Another thing you need to look at is your ability to offer funding options and incentives to buyers. If you have a significant amount of equity in your house, you may be able to offer such incentives as owner financing of down payment, or assuming all closing costs, both of which are powerful incentives for young home buyers.
     Showing condition of the house plays a huge role in the process and there are a very important steps here.

     This is what everyone selling their house should do, whether working with an agent or selling for sale by owner (FSBO). Actually very few people will do all this, which gives them a competitive edge. First you need to take an objective look at your house. Pretend you're a potential buyer and pick it apart. We all get used to seeing past certain things. But your buyers and home inspector will notice everything. Write down everything you see that you might dislike about the house. 

     Every home needs some minor repairs. Have a home inspection if you think your house might have any big issues (structural, roof, drainage, electrical, etc). Your potential buyer will need to get an inspection so it's better to know of any repair issues earlier than later.

     If you are handy and have the time, you can do the work yourself. However, if you are like most of us (not handy, but busy), I'd strongly suggest getting some help. You can get referrals from people you know and trust. You can usually easily find contractors services.

     Unless you are selling your house for a significant price reduction, your buyers do not want to have a list of projects to take care of. Do you have half-finished projects? You need to decide to finish them or undo them. And don't start any new projects. You won't get a good return on your money.

     When selling your house, you want it to look as spacious as possible. You want people to concentrate on your great house, not your "stuff".

     If you have an issue with clutter, you need to know that you won't get top dollar or sell your house as quickly if it's full of junk. Remember, when you start marketing to sell your home, photos of it will be on flyers, the Internet, and strangers will be looking in your closets! How's that for motivation?

     Next, clean your house thoroughly. You need to clean things you don't even remember you have. See if you can find a checklist that professionals use. This will save you time by showing you the most efficient order to clean your house. Or hire a one-time cleaning service.

     Don't forget the outside of your house. Power wash your siding, gutters, sidewalks, patios, and decks. It will make your house sparkle. You won't believe how dirty everything was.

     When selling your house, you want to de-personalize it. You want your potential buyers to envisage themselves in your house, not thinking of you in your house.

     Put away keepsakes, family photos, birthday cards, the kids' art work on the refrigerator. If you have any interests that others may find offensive in any way, pack it up! Many homeowners balk at this, thinking it is unnecessary. But also remember strangers will be in your house, so it's best to store collectibles, valuables, family heirlooms, or anything of sentimental value for their protection. No need to tempt anyone. And accidents do happen.

     Staging is the latest strategy to help sell your house fast. Don't be intimidated, you won't need an interior decorator. It is simply an advanced form of "rearranging your furniture". It is knowing what to remove, what to add, and how to rearrange what you've got to enhance your home's good features, minimize its flaws, and make it appeal to the majority of home buyers. Kind of like what us gals do with makeup!

     Following these steps before you sell your house takes some work but remember you are increasing the value of your house and making it easier to sell with every step you take.

     After you've done the research and you prepared your property for showing, it's time to think about negotiations. It is a very important aspect of selling a home. When setting your price, try to include some wiggle room in your asking price to allow room for negotiation. In addition, by asking questions and getting to know the buyers, you can arrange incentives that will appeal to them. Post your questions in a friendly, non-threatening way. In other words, appear interested in selling but not eager.

     It's also smart to detach yourself emotionally from the sale. Remain calm and friendly, and be prepared to offer options and incentives to buy.

     Another great negotiation tactic is to be prepared with non-cash alternatives to lowering the price. Offer to include fixtures like custom window blinds or tools, or backyard fittings. Finally, use the monthly mortgage as a reference point when closing the sale rather than the selling price. You'd be surprised how little effect several thousand dollars can have on the monthly mortgage.

Good luck!